How To Take Apart The Rolling Basket In The Sub Zero 532 Refrigerator? (Question)

What is the best way to obtain replacement components for my Sub Zero Freezer?

  • Please contact your Sub-Zero dealer or distributor for information on receiving parts and/or service, as well as the name of the Sub-Zero authorized service representative nearest you. Alternatively, you can write to Sub-Zero Freezer Company’s Service Department at PO Box 44130 Madison, Wisconsin 537444130 or call (800) 2227820.

How do you take apart a Sub-Zero drawer?

To remove the drawer from the BI-36F and Side-by-Side models, follow these steps:

  1. Move ahead until the basket comes to a complete halt in the drawer. Pull the two clips that are located behind the bottom front two corners of the basket forward, then raise the basket up and out. Installing drawer slides is as simple as pushing them in. Align the basket with the slides and push it back until it comes to a complete stop.

How do you remove a Sub-Zero freezer basket?

By completely opening the freezer door, you can get the drawer out. Draw the upper basket to the front of the drawer. Holding the upper basket in position, lift the drawer handle and drag it forward while keeping the upper basket in place. To remove the baskets from the freezer, pull them out and up from the bottom.

How do you clean Sub-Zero drawers?

Empty drawers should be cleaned with a clean cloth soaked in warm water and dish detergent before use. Baking soda paste can be used to remove stubborn stains. How to Clean the Interior of a Sub-Zero Refrigerator

  1. Combine warm water and a mild dish detergent solution
  2. set aside. Dip a towel in the solution and wipe clean the shelves. Rinse well with a clean towel and allow to dry fully.
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How do you clean sub-zero shelves?

Shelf cleaning should be done with a gentle cloth and white vinegar. For stains, mold, or residue behind the shelf seal or in the frame, use the following solutions:

  1. Allow the shelf or diffuser to soak overnight in a bath tub filled with warm water and a 10% bleach solution. Remove any residual residue with a toothbrush or a can of compressed air if necessary.

How do you remove a refrigerator drawer?

Allow the shelf or diffuser to soak in a bath tub filled with warm water and a 1/10 bleach mixture over night. • Remove any residual residue with a toothbrush or compressed air from a can.

  1. Incorporate the drawer slides into the drawer
  2. Align the drawer with the drawer slides and push back until it comes to a complete halt. To activate the drawer slides, press down on the front of the drawer.

How do you clean a Sub-Zero freezer?

To clean a Sub-Zero refrigerator, follow these steps:

  1. Off-loading the unit is essential. Allow 4-6 hours for the freezer to defrost or for components that have been taken from the freezer to come to room temperature. With a soft cloth, clean the surface with a light detergent, baking soda paste, and water. Thoroughly rinse and dry after use.

How do you open a jammed freezer drawer?

If your freezer drawer would not open completely and becomes caught as you pull it out, it is possible that food is impeding the opening. Gently pull the drawer open as far as it will go and shake it from side to side to get it to open. This will push the obstacle and move it to the point where it can be fully opened.

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How do I remove Thermador freezer drawer?

How to Remove and Replace Drawers, Shelves, and Bins in a Refrigerator and Freezer

  1. Drawers. To remove a drawer, just take it out and raise it. To reinstall a drawer, simply pull the rails out and set the drawer on the rails. Return the drawer to its original position in the appliance.

How do you remove a subzero diffuser?

Dismantling a drawer involves pulling it out and lifting it; reinstalling a drawer involves pulling the rails out and sliding the drawer back into position along them. Return the drawer to its original position in the machine.

  1. The diffuser may be removed by lifting the center of each of the front tabs and pushing the diffuser toward the rear wall. Take a look at the image below. There are two tabs, one on each side of the screen, one on each side of the screen. Make a little downward bend on the front edge of the diffuser. Remove the diffuser from the appliance by pulling it forward.

How do you use signature polish?

Pour a suitable quantity of Signature Polish onto a clean, dry, soft cloth and use long, even strokes to apply to the surface, rubbing stained spots thoroughly to remove them. Polish using a second soft cloth that is clean, dry, and free of dust. Rub in the direction of the grain. It is not recommended to combine with other chemicals or to use abrasive pads.

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