How To Turn Off Water For Sub Zero Refrigerator? (Solution)

Sub-Zero suggests that the shut-off valve for the water line be placed in a visible and easily accessible area.

  1. When it comes to a Sub-Zero refrigerator, there is no internal water supply cut off valve. A plumber will install shut off valves on the water line leading to the unit. Alternatively, the water line can be found under the unit, behind the kickplate.
  • Cut off the water supply. Respondents are advised to place water line shut-off valves in a readily accessible area for the homeowner, such as in an adjacent cabinet, beneath a nearby sink or in the basement. Unlike other refrigerators, a Sub-Zero unit does not have an internal water supply shutoff valve.

Where is the refrigerator water shut off?

When a 1/4-inch water line is linked to a cold water line, a refrigerator water line shut off valve can be found beneath the kitchen skin, on the wall behind it, in the crawl space or in the basement, depending on the location of the cold water line. If you have a lever, turn it in the clockwise direction or perpendicular to the water pipe if you have a knob.

How do I turn off my copper water line to my refrigerator?

To attach the copper pipe to your freezer’s rear, grip the metal nut on the end of the pipe with pliers and turn it clockwise. Rotate the nut counterclockwise to release the connection, then remove the pipe from the freezer using your hands.

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