Scotsman Prodigy Ice Machine How To Change Harvest Prob? (Solved)

  • Close the machine’s door. Connect the metal section of the ice thickness sensor to the evaporator by a wire, or simply remove the ice thickness sensor and contact the metal surface of the sensor to the metal control box wall with a finger. Indications are that the Ready for Harvest light should be turned on.

How do I reset my Prodigy ice maker?

Using the “off” button on the control panel, you may shut off the machine completely. Once you have waited around 10 seconds, hit and hold the “on” button for a couple of seconds. This will switch the machine back on and begin the process of restoring it to its factory settings.

How do you adjust a Scotsman ice maker?

If necessary, make the following adjustments to ensure that the right size is achieved: Locate the cube size control knob, which is located on the front of the control panel. Turn this knob one eighth of a turn counterclockwise to complete the operation. When you harvest your ice cubes the following time, keep an eye on the size of the cubes and make adjustments as needed until you attain the desired ice cube size.

Why is my Scotsman ice machine making thin ice?

A number of factors can contribute to the machine producing little quantities of ice or none at all. The following are some of the possibilities. Leaking or an excessive amount of water – Leaks might have an impact on the amount of ice produced by your unit. Examine the hot gas, thermal expansion, and water intake valves to see if there is any leakage.

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How long does it take a Scotsman Prodigy ice machine to make ice?

When the harvest cycle begins, the machine will begin to release the ice after around 20 minutes of operation.

How do I reset my Scotsman cm3 ice machine?

Once you’ve identified the control panel, resetting the machine is as simple as pressing and holding the “off” button until the machine shuts off. Once you have waited a short period of time (10 seconds should be plenty), press and hold the “on” button for a short period of time.

How do you troubleshoot a Scotsman ice maker?

Troubleshooting Guide for the Scotsman Ice Machine

  1. Check the temperature of the room.
  2. Check the temperature of the water.
  3. Adjust the machine’s level.
  4. Clean the machine thoroughly.
  5. Inspect the waterline and the water regulator valve for damage. When should servicing be scheduled?

How do you use a Scotsman ice maker?

Instructions for shutting down and restarting a Scotsman ice machine

  1. By unlocking the door, you may have access to the power buttons.
  2. Continue to press and hold the red “OFF” button until the machine shuts down and the green status light goes out. Allow all of the ice to gradually melt and drain. There will be no need for you to remove the ice from the trash.

How do you make ice thicker on a Scotsman ice maker?

With a model that has an adjustment button, you can simply open the machine and push either a + or – sign to change the thickness of your ice. Pages 9 and 10 of the Scotsman handbook include the necessary instructions to do this task.

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How long do Scotsman ice machines last?

Investing in a Scotsman Ice Machine: The Top 5 Reasons Why Its machines are built to survive for more than ten years (more than twice the life expectancy of competing manufacturers), and its ice machines are very quiet in an industry where noise is inherent in the appliance sector.

How do you troubleshoot an ice maker?

The ice maker is not producing enough ice.

  1. Check the level of your refrigerator to ensure that it is completely level. Check the level of your ice maker unit to ensure that it is working properly. Make a visual inspection of the water supply line for damage, pinching, or kinks. Ensure that the fill cup is properly aligned with the water funnel by checking it periodically.

How do you drain a Scotsman ice maker?

Turn off the water supply, either by raising the float with the lever depending on the size of the reservoir or by turning off the water supply to the ice maker (if applicable). 4. Drain the water from the ice manufacturing system by removing the reservoir drain hose from the plug at the drain basin and reattaching it to the plug when the water has been emptied. Note: Drain into the drain basin located at the bottom of the unit.

How does ice thickness sensor work?

When the ice thickness probe is activated, it delivers information to the control board. The ice thickness probe delivers two signals: one for thickness and another for thickness variation. 1. There is no contact between the probe and water. Water must make contact with the ice thickness probe for a continuous period of seven seconds in order for the control board to commence a harvest cycle after the freeze cycle lock-in period of six minutes has lapsed.

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How do you start a Scotsman ice maker?

Scotsman Ice Machines: How to Use the Machine

  1. Activate the water supply valve and check to see that the ice machine is linked to a functioning power source. Turn the main power switch to the “On” position. To activate the machine, press the “On/Off” button on the control panel. Remove the ice from the bin at least eight to ten hours after the first batch of ice has been made.

What is H2 nugget ice?

Activate the water supply valve and check to see that the ice machine is linked to a functional power source. “On” should be selected from the main power switch. In order to activate the machine, press the “On/Off” switch. Removing ice from the bin should be done at least eight to ten hours after the first ice batch is completed.

How do you turn off the sanitize light on a Scotsman ice machine?

After 6 months of continuous operation, the De-Scale Sanitize light will be activated. This feature will be turned off once the computer has gone through the cleaning process detailed here: After turning off the water and draining the reservoir, fill the reservoir with a scale remover solution to flush out any remaining scale deposits.

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