Where Do I Find Serial Number For Sub Zero Integrated Refrigerator? (Best solution)

The sticker may be found on the left side of the top freezer drawer compartment, on the inside of the drawer (drawer must be open). For column models, the sticker is situated within the top drawer, near the drawer guide on the opposite side of the hinge from where the hinge is located. It is positioned on the interior of the cabinet, to the left of the upper drawer, on tall and drawer variants, respectively.

  • How to identify your Sub-Zero refrigerator model number For Series 200 – 300 – 500 – 600 – the model number is placed on the inside of the door frame at the top hinge For Series 400 and undercounter units, the model number is located on the ceiling of the unit

What subzero do I have?

It is located on the handle side wall, just below the control panel, and provides product rating information. The product rating information is located on the interior of the unit, on the left side wall. Occasionally, the tag is located on the right side wall of earlier models.

What is the life expectancy of a Sub-Zero refrigerator?

Sub-Zero devices are built to survive for an average of 20 years, according to the company. Depending on the amount of usage, ambient temperature, maintenance history, and repair history, as well as uncontrollable variables such as mechanical failure of component parts, the life expectancy of any appliance will vary significantly.

What is a serial number look like?

It is expected that a Sub-Zero refrigerator will endure for around 20 years on average. The life of any appliance will vary significantly due to factors such as usage levels, ambient temperatures, maintenance and repair histories, as well as uncontrollable factors such as mechanical breakdown of component parts.

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Where do I find my appliance serial number?

Most of the time, the serial number and appliance model are printed on a plate or sticker, and they will be a combination of letters and digits in nature. The appliance model and serial number can frequently be found in one of the following places: The primary body of the vehicle is located within the door. The key is concealed within the door seal.

Where is serial number on Hisense fridge Freezer?

On the back of the product, there will be a little white sticker with a serial number printed on it under a barcode. The serial number is a 23 character code made up of letters and digits and will be written under the barcode.

What is the serial number?

A serial number, which is sometimes shortened as Serial No., SN, or S/N, is a one-of-a-kind number that is used for identification and inventory reasons. A serial number enables a corporation to identify a product and obtain extra information about it in order to replace it or discover appropriate replacement components for the product.

Where is serial number on Beko fridge freezer?

You’ll find the serial number for your Beko freezer in the freezer section of the appliance. Depending on the model, this may be found on a silver label known as a “rating plate” that is either located on the left-hand side or on the top of the compartment. Additionally, the model number may be found inside this area.

How do you read a Frigidaire serial number?

The serial number on the nameplate of your appliance may readily tell you how old it is, in brief. The first digit represents the year of manufacturing, while the second and third digits show the week in which the item was manufactured, respectively. For example, 13500016: week 35 in the year 2001 would be 13500016.

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How old is my Magic Chef refrigerator?

The serial number located on the data plate of Magic Chef® Brand HVAC equipment may be used to establish the date of production/manufacture or the age of the equipment.

What is the advantage of a Sub-Zero refrigerator?

Sub-Zero refrigerators are equipped with a working vacuum seal. Even though they are more difficult to open (which might be a concern for youngsters or the elderly), outside air is prevented from entering the refrigerator. The advantage is that the food remains fresher for a longer length of time as a result of this. The magnets in the refrigerator drawers serve the same purpose as the refrigerator doors.

How much does a Sub-Zero fridge cost?

Starting at $8,529, Sub Zero side by side refrigerators are an excellent value. Starting at $8,480, Sub Zero bottom freezer refrigerators are a good investment. Starting at $6,899, Sub Zero column refrigerators are a good investment. Sub Zero undercounter refrigerators start at $4,229, which includes installation.

How reliable is Sub-Zero?

Sub Zero’s quality and craftsmanship are unrivaled in the industry. Their componentry is the greatest in the industry, and they make no compromises when it comes to creating and producing new units. Sub Zero refrigerators are built to survive for at least 20 years after they are installed. In addition, they examine each and every product in the plant before it is placed in its package.

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