Where Is The Electrical Cord On Sub Zero 48 Inch Refrigerator? (Question)

The power cord is located in the upper right corner of the unit when seen from the front.

Where is the plug for a Sub-Zero refrigerator?

The plug is located in the center of the back of the unit and cannot be accessed from the front of the unit or without removing the product from the installation aperture (see illustration). For further information on how to install the product, go to the product Installation Guide.

How do you unplug a Sub-Zero refrigerator?

To switch off the refrigerator and freezer, turn the control knob to the zero position or to the off position. If the unit’s lights remain on or the condenser fan motor continues to operate after the dials have been set to the off position, shut off the unit at the circuit breaker.

How long does food last in a Sub Zero refrigerator without power?

Can you tell me how long the perishable foods in your refrigerator will be safe to eat? According to the Food and Drug Administration of the United States, it takes only approximately four hours. It is only valid if the refrigerator door is kept closed throughout this time period.

How do you move a 48 Sub-Zero refrigerator?


  1. The left side should be used if the Sub-Zero is placed on its side while being moved such that the front of the device is towards the left. Because of the location of the sealed system and other components, the left side should be used if the device is put on its side. Should the need arise, Sub-Zeros may be adjusted so that their rear side faces down as well.
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How do you turn off Sub-Zero?


  1. To turn off the unit, press the Unit On/Off key on your keyboard. Hold down the Warmer key of the part you wish to deactivate for a few seconds. While holding down the Warmer key, hit the Unit On/Off key to bring the unit back up to temperature. Release both keys at the same time.

How do I turn my Sub-Zero back on?

To switch on an electronic control panel, push the On/Off button or the Power button until the gadget comes to life. When the device is turned off, certain models display “O FF.” On dial models (200/300, 500), check to see that the dial has not been switched to the “OFF” position.

Can you use a fridge without connecting the water line?

Refrigerators require water pipes in order to obtain the water they require in order to produce ice. In the event that your refrigerator does not have an ice maker or water dispenser, you do not have a requirement to connect it to a water line if you do not intend to use them.

How deep is a Subzero refrigerator?

To accommodate the original Sub-Zero Built-in Refrigerator, a countertop depth of no less than 26-3/16′′ is required. A built-in Sub-Zero allows you to conceal your refrigerator or freezer by installing a cabinetry panel on the front of the refrigerator, freezer, or combo unit.

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