Should you be concerned?

In 1989 the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that our exposure to some air pollutants can be up to 100 times greater indoors where most of us spend about 90% of our time than outdoors. The EPA now classifies IAQ as one of our most important environmental concerns.

They found that Respiratory allergens and pollutants can trigger a wide range of symptoms, including allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, headaches, fatigue, nausea, depression, dermatitis, rash, sore throat, nasal congestion, and itchy or watery eyes. The very young, the elderly, and the estimated 50 to 60 million Americans and more than one billion people worldwide afflicted with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems are most severely affected. Also remember, HEAT is your friend. DRYNESS is the enemy. In order to make your home as comfortable as possible, you need to add moisture to the air. Doing so reduces dry throat and skin, static shocks, it keeps furniture and your home from drying out.

“TOTAL COMFORT” is not just balanced temperature throughout, it also includes what we breath and smell when were at home such as those odors incurred with having pets. Also not to be ignored as some do, is the proper level of moisture for the human condition and the durability of our hardwood floors, wood doors, solid wood furniture and antiques.
Below you will find three state-of-the-art products that when combined produce one of the highest levels of comfort, safety and peace of mind for you and your family. We begin with Particle Filtration, than add a Germicidal UV Light. The system is than completed with a humidification device that gives the balanced indoor air quality you deserve.

Particle Filtration
The Aprilaire® Media Air Cleaner is a silent, low-maintenance, inexpensive air filtration system. It utilizes a simple, remarkably effective HEPA-type filtering media that actually improves its particulate-capturing capability the longer it is used. For particles larger than five microns, efficiency reaches 99%. Even the smallest particles, as small as one micron, can be filtered out at 95% effectiveness. The high-density filter unit is attached to your existing heating or cooling system, where it captures pollutants from conditioned air before it is distributed to the rooms of your home.

Germicidal UV Light
When properly installed near the air conditioning coil, the Aprilaire UV Germicidal Lamp kills the harmful growths and eliminates the odors associated with this growth. It’s a great solution for well being throughout your home. When the UV lamp eliminates biological growth there’s much less wear and tear on your cooling compressor, extending the life of your air conditioning equipment.

The Aprilaire Automatic Humidifier is the world’s first computer-equipped, completely automated, “no touch” humidifier. It never needs constant manual adjustments. The advanced computer technology measures the outdoor temperature and indoor humidity over 86,000 times a day and continually adjusts your homes indoor humidity to its optimum level. It also performs at a level three times more accurate and four times more reliable than other humidifiers.

Virtually, this system will remove all the dangers stated above by the EPA, even in a smoking environment when properly operated and at the same time give you the pleasure of enjoying the sensation of crisp clean fresh air. You will happily note that the extreme conditions of a humid summer and a dry winter will stay outside of the home where they belong.

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