Just as the home to the right represents "Total Home Comfort", you can have maintained, balanced indoor comfort in every room of the home.
This comfort can be continued over a wide range of outdoor temperatures during every season.

Why Don't I Have Total Comfort In My Home?
If your home's life support system (air conditioner and furnace) is not able to give balanced home comfort year round, don�t feel that you are alone. Many homeowners are getting shortchanged. Government and utility company research shows that new systems typically deliver as little as half of the heating or cooling they are capable of. In a recent utility study, 9 out of every 10 new systems had energy wasting mistakes due to errors or oversights by the installing contractor.

The EPA states:
"Newly installed heating and cooling systems that are under or over-sized, improperly charged, or connected to a poorly designed and installed duct system will not deliver the rated efficiency." However, your ducts could look many times better than the system at the right, but if has not been designed with a balanced intake and output flow there will be ongoing comfort problems. So, Beware... If your home has "hot" or "cold" rooms, and your old system didn't keep you comfortable, don't just assume that a bigger one will.

In fact, a larger unit usually worsens existing uneven temperature problems. In almost every case, the best solution is to fix the problems with your "air ducts" or "house insulation", not to install a bigger unit.

What is Your Solution?
Advantek has the tools, technology, education and support to find the problems other contractors can only say "well, we can put in a bigger system" or "maybe a better air filter will help". Our trained "Comfort Consultants" can pinpoint the actual problems within your "Whole House" that bring about the following symptoms:  Allergies, Unexplained Health IssuesPollen, Fungi, Bacteria, Mold and MildewRooms that are either Too Hot or ColdHeavy Recurring DustExcessive Noise From your SystemEnergy Bills that are just to High!

The value of the Whole House Evaluation is in it's ability to help you to save on your energy cost and make youre home the Healthy and Comfortable environment you have always wanted it to be! Our "Whole House Comfort Evaluation is $149.00, which is 100% refundable when re-design or repairs of comfort issues are solved.

You can be sure you will never look at your home the same way! Call us at 770-613-6777 today or click on set appointment below.


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