AdvanTek Service is serious about customer service. Without loyal customers happy with our service, we would have no reason to be in business.

undefinedSo we want to be clear and above board about how we do business and the prices we charge. To that end, we have provided a point by point question and answers for potential customers. If you do not find an answer to a question you may have, feel free to call us at: 770-613-6777 or send it via the online form at the bottom of this page. Or if you are a returning customer, we are always looking to have  you review our prformace on our "Customer Review" page.

Q: How long has AdvanTek Service been in the service industry?
A: Advantek Service Group, Inc. has over twenty-six years of experience in serving the greater Atlanta area. We are a three generation family owned, operated, licensed, insured and authorized servicer. We employ three different service groups to maintain the function and comfort of your home.

Q: Does AdvanTek Service use knock off parts when they preform a repair?
A: Our focus is keeping the High Performance Equipment of your Luxury Kitchen and Laundry Center at a 100% level of operation. We only factory certified parts, you'll never find a whirlpool ice maker fill valve on our Subzero repair.

Q: Will my service tech have to reschedule?
A: No, to ensure this we do not over load your technician's day, preventing him from giving your unit the attention it deserves and the time it demands to properly repair it.

Q: Are your techs factory trained?
A: Yes and No. Advantek's appliance group is factory trained and or authorized to service, repair and install Viking, Miele, Subzero, U-Line, Wolf, Liebheer, Marvel, Asko, DCS, Dacor, AGA, Electroulx, Northland, Best, Capital, Independent, LaCornue, Fisher & Paykel, and Eurotech. However there are many, many brands that do not require such a high level of training from the factory, otherwise our techs would always be training and never working. We are careful to balance what techs handle what calls to make sure your service is of the highest caliber. We also service other brands such as Thermador, Bosch, Scotsman, KitchenAid and Jenn-Air.

Q: Does AdvanTek Service HVAC systems?
A: Yes. Our heating and cooling group is authorized to service and install Trane, Lennox, Carrier and Rheem equipment. We work to maintain your total indoor comfort, we use only performance heating, cooling and indoor air quality equipment and parts to service your system. Upon request we will also service and repair most heating & cooling brands.

Q: Do you service and maintain Air Quality Systems?
A: Yes. Our indoor air quality group works with Honeywell, SpaceGurd and AprilAire to not only keep your home free of indoor pollution, but to also maintain, re-design or design the air distribution system of your home which brings about balanced room to room comfort we all deserve.

Q: What is the cost of your initial diagnostic service fee for appliances?
A: We preform diagnostics and repairs on most major household appliances (kitchen and laundry). We focus on the service and repair of Luxury High-End and European brands. Our Appliance Service calls start at $125.00 for one unit.

Q: What is the cost of your initial diagnostic service fee for Heating and Air Conditioning?
A: We preform Cooling and Heating repairs and service on most manufactures. Our standard Heating and Cooling service call charge is $125.00.

Q: Does AdvanTek Service install HVAC - Heating and Air Conditioning systems?
A: Yes. Advantek can install a premium line of Trane or Lennox heating and cooling equipment. With our Good, Better, Best options you can be sure we have a package just right for you! Other brands are also available at the customers request.

Q: Does AdvanTek Service do Home Warranty work?
A: Yes. If you have a homeowners warranty, Advantek can still be of service to you. Most home warranty companies are not set up to service brands like Subzero and Viking, we can help. Also a typical home warranty requires the homeowner to have their system serviced twice a year to keep the warranty enforced.

Q: Does AdvanTek Service do annual maintenance?
A: Yes. Our fall and summer 20 Point Tune Up and Inspection, can keep your equipment at peak performance while providing you with peace of mind.

Q: What does AdvanTek Service charge for their annual maintenance service calls?
A: Our 20 point Tune Up and Inspection cost fall or summer is $84.95.

Q: Will AdvanTek Service optimize my existing HVAC system?
A: Yes. If your existing equipment is still pretty new but the balanced performance and comfort that you want is missing, call us out. We have the knowledge and ability available to diagnose your entire home and find the "actual" problem which much of the time has nothing to do with the cooling unit.

Q: Does AdvanTek Service do Whole House Evaluations?
A: Yes.

Q: What does AdvanTek's Whole House Evaluations include?
A: Some of these problems we can pin point and fix are: Allergies, Unexplained Health Issues Pollen, Fungi, Bacteria, Mold and Mildew Some Rooms, are either Too Hot or Cold, Heavy Recurring Dust, Excessive Noise From your System, Energy Bills that are just to High! The value of the Whole House Evaluation is in it's ability to help you to save on your energy cost and make you're home the Healthy and Comfortable environment you have always wanted it to be!

Q: What is the cost of AdvanTeks' Whole House Evaluations?
A: Our Whole House Comfort Evaluation is normally $149.00. Try it for $89.00. Call 770-613-6777 today!


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